Bank transfer

You can easily send us money from your bank account. After reserving the product you will receive our bank account number by e-mail mentioned in the invoice and make the money transfer. Once the payment is made to the account, the order is sent from the warehouse and proceeded forward.

Online payment

You can make online payments using your debit/credit card or net banking and make a payment. First you place the order on our website and while check out choose online payment option and proceed to complete the order, after which you will get back to our website and click on ‘Make Payment’ option under the main categories on the home page. You will need to input the exact amount as per the order placed by you and complete the payment. A link to make the payment will also be sent to the email address used to make the order. Once the payment is made your order will be processed from our warehouse.

Currently we use Quikwallet payment gateway. There a service issue and for some reason ‘Citibank’ cards are not accepted for payment, we request you to use any other card/netbanking option for completing the payment.